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CMS user 07/05/19

I worked for International Manager Marcel Stellman from 1974-77, best boss I ever had and still good friends today (he's now 84). Lots of fun with the Moodies, John Miles, Camel, 10cc & the rest. Here I am (far right) at MIDEM 1976 with Marcel and all the Decca international licensees at the Majestic Hotel, note only one person drinking wine and not looking at the camera. Also with Ray Thomas of the Moodies during a press trip on the Thames to plug his solo album, and with Marcel & Jeannie & Mick McDonagh at the Decca Reunion 2017. CMS user 04/05/19

My first Decca LP was this wonderful performance of Beethoven's 'Eroica' symphony with Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker on the 'Jubllee' series which first appeared in 1977. I well recall their striking cover photographs of old Vienna and historic paintings that graced the early releases in that series - which pave the way for my enjoyment of classical music. Robert Kenchington 03/05/19

I joined the company on 24th November 1969 and left on 24th November 1985 having worked in a variety of departments beginning in the Classical Artists under Ray Minshull, moving to MOR under Colin Borland and finally being in charge of Pop and MOR back catalogue exploitation in my last few years after the Polygram takeover. I have continued to work in the business ever since and a former colleague once estimated that I had put together more back catalogue compilations of classical, MOR and Pop than anyone else in the history of the business. Still keep in touch with several of my former colleagues and its good to see the company still going having survived all the trials and tribulations of the record business in the last ninety years. Tony Watts tonywa33 29/04/19