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As a young child (5 yearsold+),living in Battersea, South London, I used to visit a second hand shop and buy stacks of 78rpm records with my hard earned pocket money. My prize possesions were always the Decca records. I was mesmorised with the blue and gold label as it spun around at speed, bluring the image of a 'wild-haired' face......who I found out later in life to be Beethoven. I still get the same feeling and excitment, if ever I play any of my 78 Decca records now.....I am 70. Later of course, Decca brought me The Rolling Stones, far superior band than EMI's The Beatles! john callaway 14/12/19

If I had a record contract back in the day (and if I could choose it) it would be Deram, one of the imprints of Decca, just like the above marvellous record. Decca had very good recording facilities and expertise. I've always remembered the studio name and location of Thin Lizzy's 'Vagabonds of the Western World' and Decca studio 4 Tollington Park. Tonealone 07/10/19

The person currently in possession of the original Decca Studios sign (see attached) would like me to return it to you as part of your 90th birthday celebrations. If you can provide the name of the person authorised to receive it, and a location and time, I will arrange to have it delivered to you. Vicky Churchill 22/07/19

I was an Audio Technician at Shannons Corner in the late 60's. There were three of us and we used to design make and maintain the equipment. The good thing was we were able to listen to some fantastic music. Very good memories. I wonder what is on the site now. Terry Keating. AEUser5d1e37412ce6f 389 04/07/19